The #1 thing you need to know about me as a trader, mentor, and why I believe I am one of the outliers in trading success. Not an ego just how it is:

I obsess over the details.

Most don’t. Most don’t deeply think about what they allow to enter their trading mind. Most take at face value things taught, how indicators should be used, and trade thinking that might not even align with who they are deep inside as an individual.

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I shouldn’t add this but most aspiring traders have self sabotaging habits. They will learn a new concept. They will have belief in it. They will try it but since they haven’t obsessed over the details of even that one thing they half ass do it.

Then they start to think they are smarter than what this person who let’s say spent the last 3 years (more in some cases) obsessing over. They don’t take the one gem of an idea from that. They go the opposite, they think they are smarter than the person who spent the last 3 years trading this one concept and obsessing over it. There’s not always gold there but more times than not there is.

I routinely come across new traders on YouTube. Who I can tell really haven’t figured it out yet. One streamer who has great numbers that makes me feel like a literal YouTube loser. He routinely trades futures and loses or has small gains. It frustrates me to watch it. But you know what, I picked up a gem from him. Helped refine my edge.

I respect the game.

Another Example

If you are the type of individual who can YOLO into trades and deal with the risk, emotions, highs, lows, and this is who you are on a deep habit and emotional level…

You have 2 options.

Completely work on yourself and change your life, habits, thinking, mannerisms, intuition, reactions, this list could go on and one.

Or you could try to find a way to trade that YOLO style that aligns with who you are as a person.

Well the third is you give up and say trading isn’t for you. But I don’t write or make content for those type of people.

I write, create content, have my discord group, telegram, Trade Room Alpha, my training for people who have decided unequivocally they are going to use trading to better their financial station in life. The other weak minded people who don’t have that mindset there is nothing I can say that will instill that in them.

This is what most new traders take far to long to realize. You have to find a system that you adopt and make your own.

I believe my terms, rules, and way of reverse engineering the market is more right than what else is taught out there. I just do.

The Evil PnL Destroyer – The Trend

The best of example of this is one of the most common terms in trading– the infamous PnL destroyer “trend“. The trend is your friend– yeah until they sleep with your spouse, get your kids to hate you, burn down your house and take your spouse, kids, truck and for some what hurts worse of all– the dog.

Nothing and no one in the market is your friend. Obsess over the details.

Here is how I go about this. I have a process. Obsess over the details.

  • Trend – is it right? Truly right for over 80% of trade styles and systems?
  • Trend – some will roll their eyes here, does the word “trend” and all that is wrapped up in that word when you say it and when that thought buries itself into your subconscious. Is that the right default autonomic reaction (Wikipedia) to the market? Your intuition you build in the market is partially based upon your autonomic nervous connections you’ve created.
  • Is there a better concept I can find that isn’t as embedded I can use?
  • If there isn’t then what is the best baseline definition to use for this specific clear and distinct concept?

So instead of “Trend” I use momentum.

Kind of the same thing but it’s not. I don’t think I’ve used the word trend for at least what 2 years. And I’m a better trader for it.

I trade and teach to trade momentum. On any market, time frame, chart type, ticker, etc.

I don’t create new terms lightly. Once I’ve crossed the Rubicon of adopting a new term in my system and what I teach I don’t look back. I move forward with what I believe will get new traders to mindset utopia.

This makes it incumbent on me to prove these are more valid…

And hopefully I won’t be stabbed to death in the Senate.

Why I Won’t Change

Ultimately if you want to know insight into why I won’t change…

Those who invest time and effort coming over or closer to my line of thinking (no matter what trading system, style or how extreme) I believe have a better chance at not being part of that 70-90% of retail traders who give up, blow up account after account, or simply are never truly profitable.

I intentionally go about things around here to attract those type of people. My tribe so to say. I’m not for everyone.