I can’t afford your membership. What Should I do?

If you can’t afford to join my membership here are what I suggest for your next steps.

 I’ll be doing a series of videos providing suggestions on what to do about that (you’ll also want to check out the resources below, I’ve provided an immense amount of valuable trading information on YouTube.

Yes, some of it is long and you might have to read between the lines but you’re getting insight from someone who went from failing at trading to now successful beyond what I even imagined.)

Here’s my best suggestions:

  1. Find 1 (one) trade setup pattern
  2. A trade pattern you can find again and again in charts on a single asset or the markets you trade
    1. For instance, if you want to trade futures do it on the ES or the NQ (micros)
    1. If you trade crypto there are tons of patterns on crypto charts (they are everywhere and simple)
  3. Then be fanatical about taking this setup apart
  4. Create rules and follow the rules
  5. Then be fanatical trading it
  6. Don’t let anything else enter your trading world
    1. That’s hard and you’ll feel like missing out
    1. Welcome to life, you either do that or continue be mediocre at trading
  7. And journal like a crazed mad person
    1. taking apart what happens in your mind
    1. break down price action
    1. break down the clues the market gives you
    1. be mindful of your emotions, negative trading habits
    1. be fanatical about creating positive trading habits
  8. Don’t give up until this trade setup becomes second nature to how you look at charts and proves to you there is an edge (positive PnL)
  9. Yes, you might have to abandon a few setups that look promising but no one is going to do this for you (well my training does but you get what I’m saying).

I Can Afford It But I’m Not Convinced

Not much to say here.

In the future for no other reason but my own vanity, I will do a video explaining the approach I take.

I’ll share the punchline for those who have a little understanding of advertising and marketing.

I intentionally create content and talk about things in a certain way so people self-select themselves.

There are at least 3 good reasons why I do this.

Will you ever live-stream?

I do want to get to possibly fully streaming, I don’t want to make this video to long but I just want to provide full context.

For me now spending time with family and friends is important. For that reason I’ve set up my trading/work life to not have to spend hours and hours in my home office. I’ve effectively setup a trading station in my main hang our area in my home.

The challenge with that is I have people over. My family watches some weird YouTube stuff, my daughter loves kpop, I got 2 dog, hopefully you get it.

So what I’ll probably transition to is 1 – 2 days a week I do a stream. First I have to get my streaming machine.

What’s the bare minimum of capital I should have to enter your membership and trade?

This is a difficult question and requires a full explanation.

What’s the minimum capital?

$2,000 USD

I suggest more but it can be done if you strictly follow what I suggest below.

Here’s your outlay and path:

  • $997 – one time membership fee includes all training, everything, access to Trade Room Alpha, private indicators, private channels, etc.
  • $1,003 to fund your trading account.

Next step – read this step by step post on Small Account – Becoming a Profitable Trader Path.

Why do you charge for your training and membership?

If you make so much trading why charge? Why not make it free?

Here is the full complete answer to this question.

First, I work with a few outsourcers for things. Up until 2 weeks ago I had a regular TradingView indicator coder I would hand off indicator ideas to. He took a full time job so now I’m actively hiring someone new. There is that cost.

But there is a deeper reason. Many of you don’t know that I built, created, and operated a SaaS (Software as a Service) business. I coded the actual app, the API, the browser extensions among various other support and marketing duties. I was not only the coder I was the janitor. I was able to grow this and add a few key people.

My tool was a specialized marketing tool. It was highly effective but also a bit advanced. You could pick it up and just use it but there was a slight learning curve. Sort of like trading.

We tested making a freemium version of our tool. I learned a ton about human behavior and well business in general doing this.

Here’s the lessons I learned.

When we charged for our tool, our users would spend the time before they bought fully analyzing the tool and features. They would take the time to watch demos and really see if it benefited them or solved their pain point. Their questions helped us develop better features and ultimately provide the best support.

When we flipped/tested freemium, we were spending time and resources on people who didn’t even have a clue what the product did. They wouldn’t even watch a 45 second overview. I have actual analytics of us sending email responses to people saying if you watch this 45 second overview video, we will answer any questions you want or even do a one-on-one demo.

One day my support person shared multiple responses that went along the lines of…  

“I just want to know does it do this or this?” Within the first 15 seconds of our overview video, it clearly states it didn’t do some common things the freemium users asked.

No one can say anything to change my view on this. I’ve experienced it firsthand and I understand the deeper psychological reasons why I must have a fee—even a minimal one as low as $997.

I’ll be upfront. Most people are lazy.

If you have to spend the time to come to my way of thinking and most important create a commitment in the form of a payment you’ll be less likely to blow it off. By a huge statistical margin you’ll be more likely to take action.

Also, that’s the type of people I want to attract and I believe have a chance to get to the next level.

If you simply can’t afford it let me speak directly to you.

This is no judgement and I understand. One thing I think you should realize if you haven’t already is how stacked the odds are against you. You must face this reality. I’ve provided a step-by-step outline of what I think someone in your situation should do.

It’s going to be hard. You’re going to have to claw your way for every step forward. You are free solo climbing a mountain and you aren’t really that experienced at climbing yet. Worse yet you have no climbing gear or anyway to get to the mountain but walk.

I also believe most trainers you see out there with fancy sites and slick marketing funnels make more money on traders than they do from trading.

I’ll share an experience from one of my marketing clients when I ran my digital marketing agency. I was hired to help them with digital marketing and some business development. So I really got to know the space.

They had a trade room with 3 different traders. Back then I knew nothing about trading or traders, I looked at it from a marketing prespective. But I learned about the market.

The owner told me…

“I tried to be a trader I couldn’t do it, but you’ll also find in this market traders are always looking for easy click button silver bullet. I realized I could make more money selling shovels than panning for gold. The only people making money in this business are the brokers and the ones who sell the tools”.

I called him after I became a profitable trader. First, he couldn’t believe it, that I actually started trading.

Second, while on the phone I emailed him a PnL from my trading week. Then he told me I’m one of a few he can count on one had profitable traders he met.

Next, he shared something that floored me. He shared the 3 traders who ran his different trade rooms with his indicators didn’t even trade live capital.

I was in disbelief. One of these traders had been trading in that room for 3 years. His bio stated he had been trading for 12 years.

I know that owner sold the business and I don’t know if this indicator shop is still around but that conversation shaped my view of this market.

Finally, let’s get to reality of what you face on a capital level.

Most traders are undercapitalized—that means they don’t have enough money in their account to really trade the market correctly.

If you have a vision or goal sometimes it requires you to be resourceful on capital generation or raising. Often this change in mindset will benefit your path to becoming a successful trader.

Let me be clear. I’m not saying go out and go into debt and start trading. I’m saying sometimes the limitations we have in our life allow us to think creatively.

When our back is against the wall we come up with creative solutions that involve those we know or we build those relationships to help us get to our goals.

Most limitations are self-imposed.

Read any real trading book. There are stories of traders begging for seats, finding ways to be capitalized, and doing whatever it took to participate in the market.

Why don’t you just share your PnL and be fully transparent?

I’m solely responsible to one person—myself.

I’m also a private person. I also believe in some form of security. I also do believe in the dictum get rich quietly, which it’s hard to describe but me doing YouTube and Discord still causes me discomfort.

I have limited time left on this earth and spending time putting together my results for people I will never know or meet (or to be brutally up front won’t appreciate it) makes zero sense to me.

The logical question would be… wouldn’t that mean more people would join your membership?

Who knows, but I address this point in this document.

Bottom line you’ll never trade like me or have my results– so why should you care?

The reality is some of you will trade worse and some will exceed me.

Next common question would be…

How can I evaluate your system and see if it’s right for me?

Every day I show you time and time again.

My results are my results they aren’t yours and they never will be.

The sooner you get over that thinking and focus on developing an edge with my system or without is the sooner your make trading a vehicle for your success.

I’ll end with this absurd analogy challenge.

Let’s go to a field 300 yards apart both with an AR15 (it’s not an assault rifle, there’s no such thing).

Let’s see who walks away. For those who have trained with a rifle it’s going to be close. For those who haven’t well…

The tool is important but it’s the individual who wields it that makes the difference. As the kids say… arrogant much.

I’ll end this section with a direct answer because I know this last part was over the top and me being an ass.

I’ve met with successful traders. I’ve never questioned their PnL. Why? Within the first 2 minutes we recognize each other. We know. Our styles can be vastly different and we might not understand 1% of what each other does but we know.

Ultimately, those who ask this question are asking the wrong question.

Those who ask this question haven’t discovered what the true edge is in my system and until they realize this, they won’t be able to unleash the potential of what I teach and share.

Those who have joined whether they know it or not are one step ahead. They have made the connection inside their mind to the edge in the markets.

I can’t instill in you the conviction that my system will make a difference for you in your journey to become a successful trader.

If your decision to buy into my way of trading and system stems from you creating belief from my PnL where you had zero part in the execution you thinking from the wrong perspective.

You want to be sold a reality of trading that doesn’t exist. Oh I could sell it to you but I couldn’t sleep at night.

Start asking the right questions.

I just have to have the last word here…

There is one response to this.

Become a highly successful trader. We’ll sit down and recognize each other. Then I’ll listen.