In this episode, we answer some of the top questions asked by traders in our group. Let’s jump in and get started.

What do you do with conflicting signals?

The quick answer is you must have a control chart. Your control chart is the controlling chart for your thesis of the trade and controls the probability of that trade. Then looking at other indicators and other charts should either confirm or deny your thesis from the control chart. Listen for more…

Fade Trade and How to Get Your Fade Trade?

We say this often… if you haven’t mastered momentum trading you haven’t gained your fade card. The path to mastering fade trading is to first master trading with momentum. What you find is momentum trading almost becomes way too easy—but guard yourself. What is the purpose of trading? To pull capital from the market. In this convo, we go deeper about fading and the pitfalls of why traders fade instead of trading the most reliable trades. Listen for more…

Can you over trade or what is over trading?

We have a different take… can you really over trade? We start with this question. Is it really possible? What does over trading really mean? On most things, we try to provide a definitive answer, but here we realize that over trading really comes down to the individual and their trading system.