Today as all days trading the RDTS was a good day, mainly cause we didn’t have to use our AK.

Over the transom of Discord came this message:

No trades for me, too choppy. I suck in ranges.

We protect the innocent here.. but I couldn’t believe it. Today was an awesome momentum day… just look at it:

NQ, full session on 5m timeframe

Today wasn’t a range though… 4 momentum moves.

Sorry, I’m not piling on but I want to expand a bit.

Yes, you could say the market was stuck in a “range” between (this is NQ/MNQ): 14,995 and 15,105.

Break Free of Time Charts

With standard time charts that is all you are going to get. When you adopt a mutli-view, almost VR view of the market using non-tiome charts you’ll see at least 4 distinct in intra day momentum moves.

Really there was 5, but the first one would have been tough for most to trade early in the market.

Those exact areas and times is where you got confirmation on the 4-chart setup of a possible change in bias and momentum. This early confirmation comes on chart 2 but you’ll see it start to cascade to the other charts as well.

During today’s stream using c3 as control we called at least one of these, Then I stopped trading for the day though:

Here’s the 4 key momentum moves with zones on where confirmation comes on 4-chart setup.

Afternoon Pivot 1 Move

There is a reason why I mention the afternoon pivot 1 & 2. They happen often and are typically reliable.

My goal with RD is to not spoon feed you trades. My goal is to teach to fish, teach you trade, teach you to look at the market in a way that provides you extreme edge.

Here is a prime example of how to get the most out of what I provide here:

In the afternoon around pivot 1 time Chart 2, Chart 4, as well as Chart 1, heck even Chart 3 was screaming to be long. Study these precise area of the charts because this is a trade you see come up time and time again:

Key Lesson

The market didn’t range today– for most traders it didn’t. For traders who don’t remove time as a factor from their trading and actually look at capital flow– well the market provided at least 4 clear momentum moves in the $90 or so. That is with confirmation.

Bottom line: If your trade system didn’t provided you the ability to trade a day like today it’s time to find another trade system. These days are frequent and common, why would you want to sit them out?