The Trade of Trading for Traders


Every episode we deliver the trade of being a successful and elite trader. Based in what it takes to consistently profit from the markets and make your living as a trader. Your hosts and traders for these conversations are RexDogActual, a profitable trader since 2016 and NephewElite, his nephew and a relatively new trader on his way to profitability.

Together they run the popular trade group – Daily they show up with others traders who are successively and consistently pull capital from the markets with one of the best speculative trade systems ever created – the RexDog Trade System.

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Rules for Trading in Ranges

By RexDogActual

Ranges. Most have a hard time trading in what they think is a range. The truth is just about 99% you are always in a range, at least when you jump up to higher timeframes. That’s the first thing to realize, you are never not a in range. With this ground rule in place, we […]

The One Thing That Makes a Trader

By RexDogActual

Discover the common element that all successful traders have, that’s what we discuss in today’s episode. We dive deep and go beyond the surface level of what is called conviction. We talk about what really makes conviction and how conviction plays a critical role in every aspect of your trade execution. We also discuss the […]

Q&A – Conflicting Signals, Fading the Market, and Over Trading

By RexDogActual

In this episode, we answer some of the top questions asked by traders in our group. Let’s jump in and get started. What do you do with conflicting signals? The quick answer is you must have a control chart. Your control chart is the controlling chart for your thesis of the trade and controls the […]

How the Market Moves

By RexDogActual

How does the market really move? In this introductory conversation we talk about how the market moves at a high 10,000 ft level. This should be no surprise to anybody who has followed RDT– the market moves from level to level. What does that really mean? NephewElite shares some of his thoughts on what he’s […]

Creating Your Own Theory of the Market

By RexDogActual

To have edge, you must be trading with conviction. To trade with conviction, you must have a trade system you believe in and trust. Your trade system should be built on what we call your own theory of the market. This is how the market moves, how it reactions, maybe even why it moves and […]

Yes, You Must Be Crazy – Always In Show

By RexDogActual

In the first episode we start with a question all traders face… am I crazy? The answer is yes and no. We start by really asking or sharing what happens when you tell other people you are trading. NephewElite has dealt with this first hand the last few months as he has transitioned to becoming […]