Welcome to the official site for the RexDog Trade System.

This site is also home to the on of the most effective trades system that exits: The RexDog Trade System (RDTS) Training.

  • Access to my training that shares all details and specifics (and more) of my trade system.
  • Access to exclusive indicators
    • RexDog Trade System Foundation Indicators
    • RexDog Market Bias Indicator (Oscillator)
    • Multi-Time Frame (MTF) RDA Indicator
    • 4 Multi Time Frame Momentum Lines Indicators (W, D, 240, 60)
    • RexDog Advanced vWAP
    • 2 RD RSI Indicators (Oscillator and on chart indicator)
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    • 4 More Not Publicly Listed
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  • Access to any new training we release in trading.

Everything above is a small one-time fee of $997 includes all training and indicators (I accept crypto and FIAT).

Note: Sierra Chart indicators are not included in this one time fee.

How to Get Started Right Now

Why RexDog?

So before we get to the details.

My avatar is our family dog Rex. My trade system is inspired by his personality and attitude. When I started sharing my knowledge on trading via YouTube I wasn’t comfortable being out there so to say. (I was still running a SaaS business). So I started with Rex.

As my trade system evolved and I became an Elite Trader I wanted to rebrand what I do. If you’ve spent anytime in my Discord community or watched my videos on YouTube you know I take trading very seriously and am a passionate student of the markets.

I thought long and hard if I should name my trade system something that you’d see in trading books or something more serious and technical.

In the end I realized I had to go with my gut. I chose the name to remind myself and those that trade it that while what we do is extremely serious we have to be able to enjoy life and almost most important have a sense of humor because no matter what level you get to trading it’s difficult.

Overview of Trade System

My trade system is based on simple concepts.

  • Predicting and knowing where to look on a chart for price REACTIONS
  • Reverse Engineering Momentum of the market or ticker
  • Within 1 second knowing the bias LONG or SHORT.

That’s it.

I don’t care what direction the market goes, and neither should you. If it is moving with momentum we can trade it. Simple.

At any given time you can look at a chart and see the best probable long trade and the best probable short trade. You’ll also know if the chart (that timeframe) is in a momentum long or a momentum short state.

High Probable Reaction Areas

These are areas of the chart the RDTS tells you to look for and expect price reactions.

That reaction depends on the bias and momentum of the chart. The important point is we know where to look and we can prepare for these areas.

For instance, one the indicators in my system is the RDA (RexDog Average). A free indicator on TradingView and Tradovate.

The purpose of the RDA is to provide you immediately of the BIAS of the market. Price is above the RDA it’s LONG. Price is below the RDA it’s SHORT.

The RDA also acts as a magnet as price gets further away. It also is a high probability reaction zone. How high?

Look at this Bitcoin daily chart (Yellow is the RDA, red areas are the REACTIONS)

We could go through chart after chart but since this is a free indicator take it for a test run yourself. Remember though, it’s primarily a bias indicator to tell you if you should be LONG or SHORT.

Binary Decisions

My trade system is designed to reduce the decisions you have to make when trading. The goal is to get what I like to call binary decisions– there are only 2 options and that should be your focus.

An example would be I show you quickly and easily how to define levels within the market. You will define both the most important upside and downside levels.

Once you’ve done that the levels you need to watch are defined. Sure there might be other minor levels in-between or on the way to those 2 levels but you’ve defined through a set of clear, concise, and probable rules what are the most important levels.

Only 2 Types of Trades – Momentum & Fade

An example of this is there are only 2 trade types in my system– momentum and fade.

Momentum trade you are trading with the momentum within that given timeframe or even possibly the larger timeframe.

A fade trade is against the momentum and typically these are quick trades. You’re in the green quickly and you’re taking profits quickly (usually at momentum check reaction areas).

Momentum trades are the best trades because once you’ve identified the momentum of the chart you take entries at momentum check in areas. Your stop losses are typically tight because we place them around areas where it’s clear momentum has failed.

Stop Losses & Risks

The rules for Stop Losses and risk in the RDTS as simple.

You are already entering a trade at a high probability reaction area.

Before you enter a trade you know the other high probability reaction areas above it and below it.

Often your Stop Loss is above those areas.

If the area is too far to justify the trade then you adjust risk or size. Or maybe you don’t take that trade, this all depends on your style of trading.

Here are trades I executed on a Livestream:

Note how price is above the RDA (yellow) so my bias was long.

My entries are at one of the reaction indicators in the RDTS. My stop loss was below the next reaction area.

The profit targets was based on looking left on the chart and following the rules. But I usually trail stop losses.

Markets I Trade

I trade my system on different time-frames, different markets, and different strategies.

Core daily markets:

  • Futures – I trade intra-day NQ (NASDAQ 100) futures, CL (OIL) futures, and GC (Gold). Sometimes I mix in the ES and the Russell. In my Trade Room Alpha page I share more about these strategies. I don’t have red days– it’s how much of a green day I have.
  • Crypto and spot futures – Typically on any given day I look at 16 different future USDT pairs. I pick 3-4 that have the biggest probable moves and trade those. There typically isn’t a reason to trade more than that because you’ll find 4-6 crypto at a time correlate with each other. I’d say daily you could put up 4 charts and they will almost mirror images of each other.

Additional Markets I trade:

  • Equities – I used to really trade equities on a swing basis. I use the scanner StockFetcher and 3 highly reliable custom scans that provide 3-8 swing trades a day. These trades typically last 4-17 days (longer if I catch a bottom). My core strategy here a fade long trade that in essence is a reversion back to the indicators in my system. Now I just trade the best setups I find.
  • FOREX – I no longer trade the FOREX market on a daily basis. I trade my system with one other indicator I created called the STSI. These trades last anywhere from 20-60 days. All depends on the market. Takes me 12 minutes to look at 9 pairs I trade.
  • Spot Crypto – I trade a long term spot crypto strategy with 4D as the primary timeframe. I also to tend to margin trade this strategy. I typically am able to time bottoms in the crypto market. Then it’s simply wait. Typical gain is 30-200%. Has worked for for 4+ years.
  • Bitcoin – I trade BTC on a swing basis both long and short. There is a video on YouTube I did years ago that explains this strategy– still works and I still trade it today (except back then I couldn’t short– finally can make profit on both sides).
  • Options – I dabble in the options market. I trade a strategy from one of my StockFetcher scans. Basically Keltner Channels and Bolllinger Bands. When they and day close get to a certain threshold and things align in my system (secret here is a negative ROC) I put on some option trades. I share all this in my membership.

Why isn’t this site all fancy and have pictures and videos with you in Lambos and Private Jets?

Simple. I’m a trader. I make my income from trading full time. I’m not here to sell you some false dream or reality of what it takes to become a successful trader. My training, promise and responsibility to those in my group is a very special and serious.

I’ll never understand any “successful” trader who has time to spend their days on Twitter, YouTube, etc. instead of just trading. Every second my energy and focus is not on my trading (outside of time with family/friends) is a big hit to my PnL and opportunity cost.

I answer more questions in my FAQ page and in the Terms & Shorthand, and Example Updates Overview page.

How to Get Started Right Now