This indicator contains the foundation indicators used when adopting the RexDog Trading System.

The RexDog Trading System uses simple rules, probability, and key areas of market reaction to reverse engineer momentum within the market. These common rules and reactions are shared across all chart types, markets, and timeframes.

The foundation of the philosophy comes from using simple indicators, probability, and rules to answer the 3 questions of trading:

  • Where is price coming from?
  • Where is price going?
  • How does it want to get there?

This indicator contains the core bias and momentum indicators that provide you an edge when adopting the system.

The general philosophy of the trading system is that there are areas in all markets where momentum will be challenged or confirmed. Using various combined elements of this indicator provides you the general ranges of price where you expect a reaction.

A reaction is either a confirmation and continuation of momentum or a stall and reversal of momentum.

Another important element of the trading system is the concept of intention. Using simple rules and the elements of this indicator provide you with a general range of where you will look for the intention of future price action.

Before I describe the components of this indicator and general usage I will mention that I use the term “algo” to define all market participants—all the way from the retail trader, hedge fund, big banks, ETFs, family offices, to secret algorithms in underground bunkers we will never know about.

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