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I Do Livestreams

I do livestreams now. Let me rant and speak to the people who only want to tear me down and expect I let them have access to my full financial life.

What more can I provide that I trade my system and have positive PnL?

2023 – I Trade When I Have Great Mind and Energy

Note: I’ve started a new treatment regime in December. What this means for my trading is I’m really only available to trade maybe once or twice a week. I’m around every single day calling the market but I’m not a secure location to be able to trade or even log into my accounts.

2023 Running PnL:    465,349.00

Note: I trade other brokers, crypto, equity swing trades, and FOREX for long term trades. The PnL above is only what I publicly share via my streams. Why don’t I share all of it? Yeah, don’t know why I wouldn’t open up my whole financial life to complete strangers for no reason. Want proof I can trade and the RDTS is the best on the planet, watch the streams.

2023-03-17 : 14,008

Still recovering from treatment so just light trading today. This was almost a masteclass in scalping at key areas.

2023-03-14 : $11,198

2023-03-10 : $32,434

2023-03-09 : $21,565

2023-03-08 : $45,276

2023-03-07 : -$59,113

2023-03-06 : $4,176

Not the best trading day there, especially given the breakdown of P&L history. Still doing 4-6 bad trades, a trade that I have no business doing. So that has to be corrected.

2023-03-03 : $3,262

Still getting over chemo treatments so just focusing on light trading and small position sizes. Also, still working on not being super fader man in my trades. I still fade way to much.

2023-03-02 : $7,034

Just getting off chemo treatment so light trading day. Still streamed and inched out a good profit for the day.

2023-03-01 : $26,236

2023-02-28 : $39,937

Coming back and continuing to punish the market. Got to get back on top. So this is the last day of FEB. See the stream down below.

2023-02-24 : $43,502

First day after my first big loss in over almost 3 years. I still have much to work on but felt good to be able to get refocused. Also, of note, the broker I use to stream was down until about 12:30, so I really only got to trade the afternoon.

2020-02-23 : NEGATIVE -$39,775

Today I had my first losing pnl day and over three years. so long time this is the first time in three years I was not able to trade myself out of a negative PNL.

There was an event a few months ago where I did have challenge with PNL, but that was a minor bump compared to what happened today.

So now it’s time for me to be honest with myself and assess why this happened.

I have more than a number one thing to work on in my next training session.

  • Remove all forms of unhelpful arrogance from my thinking
  • Do not fade, trade high probability trades, trade the system. Don’t fight the system or chart even for a quick scalp.
  • Decide on the mission statement for RexDog Trading and move forward

2023-02-21 : $12,638

Today was an interesting day. My nephew traded for a good part of it. We did a livestream for the full session. You can see that below:

2023-02-17 : $13,530

Interesting day to trade here. I’d say I did okay.

2023-02-14 – $10,934

2023-02-10 – $10,056

2023-02-07 : $124,009

Only got to trade the afternoon session but hit the move almost perfectly. Was an early fade then turned into a momentum trade, added, stuck with hit and traded my style. When I’m not streaming I trade my style fully. When I am not so much. Going forward with streaming I’m going to trade my style, do less teaching and interacting and no longer making my PnL the victum.

2023-02-06 : $29,104

Note: PnL covers only time I livestreamed.

Okay trading day today. I streamed and focused on just trading my style. I’m at a strange place in my streaming. I am an always in aggressive trader, I trade my system but for a new trader watching me they would be utterly confused. So I have to figure out if I continue to stream or if I figure something else out. Overall the session was okay, could have been better and fading to much as usual.

2023-02-03 : $32,895

I started the day terrible, overtrading, no confidence, lack of conviction. I was rather upset with myself. You can see this on the 1st stream. I went from 8K down to just over 1K. Trading in zones I shouldn’t have, or really just not trading my system as it was telling me. Sometimes I have a thick head.

I had an errand to run and started to stream. From there I really got into the groove although I was awfully trade shy. The 2nd stream I my PnL was around 14K I think. I kept charts up and was able to double that with one large trade.

Check out the trade log CSV and you do see the executions on the screen below:

2023-02-02: $13,076

Not bad for coming off chemo treatment yesterday. Didn’t really feel like trading but the market was providing some really good setups. I made a mistake early by fading the upward move. I wish I would have held this but when the market provides an opportunity for me to get out on a bad trade execution I take it. Then I start over. It’s just a rule I follow that keeps risk inline.

2023-02-01 : $20,583

Only traded the afternoon. Started the day with a bit of overtrading, then got into the groove. Then I had one other area of churn, until the RDTS provided us with clear indication of momentum and bias. Then I went a little heavy. From there overall trading was solid.

Session GRADE: B

1/31/2023 : $9,714

Download track log CSV file

01/29/2023 : $1,461

Streamed the Afternoon session:

Download Trade CSV file.

01/12.2023 : $5,018

Week 46 – 2022

Because of treatment and not being from a secure location I haven’t traded much. I was able to setup a secure connection where I am staying for the next 60 days or so. So I should be able to trade.

Today, I was doing good then over traded in the afternoon. Wins vs Loss trades should have been better. My super scalper habit came into play but still ended good.

11/17/2022 : $13,045

Week 24 – 2022

Light trading due to treatment and a few things going on personally.

6/17/2022 : + $11,059

6/16/2022 : + $4,660

Week 23 – 2022 :

6/8/2022 : + $25,865

No trading on the 6/7 because of medical appointments and some errands I had to run.

6/6/2022 : + $43,125

Week 22 – 2022 : $31,433

Treatment week so light positions and trading. Didn’t trade on 6/1 because I was in treatment center, don’t typically trade when I’m there.

6/2/2022 : $31,433

Started the day on 2 bad trade decisions. Refocused and took a second and read the market and traded the system right. From there ended day at noon for a good gain.

Week 20 – 2022 – $45,288

5/18/2022 : $11,175

Just getting off treatment for this week so light position sizing and trading. Only could trade up to 12:30 or so as I had treatment appointment for disconnect and a few things to do in the afternoon. Streamed this full session, so every trade in PnL can be seen live when I did, entered, took profit, etc.

5/17/2022 : $34,113

Light trading day because of still on Chemo treatment and feeling a bit physically not great, also this treatment gives me hiccups sometimes for an hour long, extremely hare to concentrate with that stuff going on.
Morning Session
Afternoon Session

5/16- Treatment Day so No Trading

I get chemo cancer treatment so due to security and the fact I’m getting treatment I don’t usually trade during those 5 hours. I do show up for Trade Room Alpha to call the market and outline trades I would take.

Week 19 – 2022

05/12/2022 : $104,679

I traded 2 different accounts so I could ARB the day here. Fades and Momentum. Here is the PnL for both those accounts. I also streamed this trading:

Momentum Acct: $61,620

Fade Acct: $43,059

5/10 : $4,618

Week 18 – 2022

Cancer treatment week so I reduce my sizing and limit my trading. Still run Trade Room Alpha.

5/6/2022 – $3,419
May 4th, 2022 – $5,975
05/03/2022 – 29,807

Trade Journal – Week in Review : $80,693

Additional PnL Results shared with DEN and Training members.