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2023 Running PnL:          3,294,182

Livestream Recording

To be upfront, there’s not much more I can provide that proves the RDTS is one of the best speculation trade systems ever created in the history of humankind ;-).

I have Terminal Cancer – I Trade When I Have Great Mind and Energy

Note: I’ve started a new treatment regime in December. What this means for my trading is I’m really only available to trade maybe once or twice a week. I’m around every single day calling the market but I’m not a secure location to be able to trade or even log into my accounts.

Note: I trade other brokers, crypto, equity swing trades, and FOREX for long term trades. The PnL above is only what I publicly share via my streams. Why don’t I share all of it? Yeah, don’t know why I wouldn’t open up my whole financial life to complete strangers for no reason. Want proof I can trade and the RDTS is the best on the planet, watch the streams.End of June to July 7th

August 12th – Sept 13th

During this period we took quite a few days off, hanging out in a special spot. We’d come back for a day or 2 and I’d trade. Also I had a few times when my treatment got in the way.

All stream can be found on YouTube.

August 2nd to August 11

Treatment week in here plus someone important to me had to go to the ER and have emergency surgery and a 9 day recovery, so trading wasn’t the key focus. Did get to focus on the second half of these dates, you can see I’m putting more of my capital to work.


July 10th to July 28th

So this covers a long timeframe but like I shared, I am busy, I stream a few times a week (when not on treatment). So here you’ll find all the PnL’s from this timeframe. Not sure if they are in order.

Streams from this period:

End of June to July 7th

At this point it’s getting annoying updating my PnL here. I stream my trades, I call the market in Discord, just the few minutes it takes me to upload this is a waste of my time. But for those who want to see here’s my PnL:

Thursday, June 22, 2023     204,607.00
Friday, June 23, 2023     130,019.00
Monday, June 26, 2023        24,944.00
Wednesday, June 28, 2023        46,789.00       
Monday, July 3, 2023        10,638.00
Friday, July 7, 2023        19,104.00       

Week of 2023
06-11 so far… +29,259

Week of 2023
06-05 to 06-09 : +151,923

Monday, June 5, 2023        24,175.00
Tuesday, June 6, 2023        46,966.00
Thursday, June 8, 2023        38,562.00
Friday, June 9, 2023        42,220.00

Week of 2023
05-28 to 06-02 : +31,022

Week of 2023-05-21 : +29,184

Week of 2023-05-14 : +114,227

Wednesday, May 17, 2023        20,454.00
Thursday, May 18, 2023        69,789.00
Friday, May 19, 2023        23,984.00     

Week of 2023-05-07 : +24,946

I had treatment on Monday this week so I didn’t trade much plus I was resting up because I was traveling at the end of the week. I’d say still a decent P&L given that I only traded here and there I did stream once that is linked down below.

Week PnL:

Monday, May 8, 2023        12,791.00
Tuesday, May 9, 2023          3,498.00
Wednesday, May 10, 2023          1,722.00
Thursday, May 11, 2023          2,786.00
Friday, May 12, 2023          6,149.00        26,946.00


Week of 2023-05-01 : +64,620

I don’t have time or really care to spend time daily to update my PnL. You can watch my streams and see if the RDTS is one of the best speculation trade systems developed in the history of humanity. Going forward I’ll share my PnL in Discord daily. At then end of the week I’ll upload the week or PnL statements as well as link to the streams. This page is starting to get to big with YouTube embeds and images.

Monday, May 1, 2023        13,873.00
Wednesday, May 3, 2023          8,309.00
Thursday, May 4, 2023        12,010.00
Friday, May 5, 2023        30,428.00       

Quick Journal Overiew

I am using voice capture to create this text so there might be spelling errors I will try to correct them but once again what I said above I’m focused on high impact things for people that have become members of my training. My PNL provides 0 value for members of my training they don’t need a reminder that I’m consistently successful with the trade system in fact it could be a distraction.

Let’s move on talk about my personal aspect or a synopsis of my journaling for the week. My number one issue has been I aggressively fade the market and I underutilize my capital by adopting a style where I could trade myself out of any trade.

This has been the number one thing I’ve been working on the last few weeks because it will eventually hurt me. This is the first week where I felt like I made a major dent into this negative habit. I didn’t fight the system as I usually do and except for two or three fades. My fades were spot on. Sometimes I did fall into my old habit but I immediately or quickly readjusted. I’m proud of myself for actually maintaining a low size and positions as I work on this number one issue.

There were times this week where I wanted to get really aggressive with sizing, but I realized it’s better to focus on what I need to solve than getting aggressive. The other thing for me that’s really important is showcasing the power of the RDTS. Me consistently traded against it isn’t helpful for members or other people who are looking to adopt the system.

Week Grade: B-

PnL by Day

LiveStream Links

Newest to Oldest for week

2023-04-17 : +10,270

2023-04-17 : +6,018

2023-04-17 : +32,100

This day I actually traded 2 different accounts. One in the morning session, then another in the afternoon.

Morning session, I was working getting back to the basics.

2023-04-17 : +7,295

I’m actually really disappointed in how I traded today even though it ended in green. What really affected me was I got into a GC gold trade early in the day and I stuck with it too long And I had to focus to trade myself out of that. From there I adjusted OK but reduced my trading size to make sure that I wasn’t falling into old habits.

I did relatively well until the afternoon session where and you can see this in the live stream I narrated in real time how I should have properly managed that trade. I managed the trade in my bad habit trading style of trading myself out of a trade that I should have reversed or I should I should have just got out of. ultimately that took the PNL down from 10K to about 7K.

What is utterly frustrating for me is that in real time I can recognize this negative trading habit that I’m working to squash. but there’s a disconnect between my brain and the execution of that. I call that I still have arrogance in my trading. arrogance because I’m fighting the very system that I’ve developed that has tremendous edge.

the answer is further tracking and journaling and in real time if I can narrate the best course of action I should I should take it because nine times out of 10 that course of action is the correct course of action..


Going to link to streams because this page slows down with so many YouTube Embeds.

Links to Streams

2023-04-17 : +15,409

2023-04-17 : +8,416

  1. today was primarily a difficult data trade if you had a challenge because generally able to chase trades a little bit
  2. [7:25 PM]that’s still not the best way to trade the system obviously with its predictive nature But you generally will catch at least 60 to 70% of the trade
  3. [7:25 PM]today if you executed that way at all you missed 60 to 70% of the trade
  4. [7:26 PM]the most important chart on the P&L history is the first one
  5. [7:26 PM]not the first one the 2nd the second one that says P&L history alone
  6. [7:27 PM]if you look at today for instance you really don’t want to see that
  7. [7:28 PM]what you want to see is obviously the red side should be less spikes and less frequent
  8. [7:29 PM]while my winning versus losing trades was 60 / 40
  9. [7:29 PM]when you look at the breakdown and time scale of the day the last trade really makes the day look better than how I actually traded it
  10. [7:30 PM]the positive thing is I was aware of this in real time but still I executed three fade trades that weren’t A plus fade trades

2023-04-14 : +18,853

Took previous day off recovering from treatment so light trading. Streamed most of the session, once again the RDTS came in for the win:

2023-04-12 : +7,599

Chemo week so my trading is limited and trading at smaller size.

2023-04-06 : +10,298

2023-04-05 : +3,879

2023-04-04 : +23,422

2023-04-03 : 17,622 (Open: 23K or so)

I had an MRI scan and other appointments today so I didn’t get to trade until the afternoon. I was still calling the market via my phone and discord. Got back just in time to execute a trade that we were waiting for much of the day. I also streamed towards the end of this trade. Currently still 8 lots open in the overnight session, we will see where those get stopped out.

2023-03-31 : 7,234

2023-03-30 : 4,767

2023-03-29 : 15,498

Decent PnL for being on chemo treatment and getting up around 11:20 AM. Needed the rest and sleeps.

2023-03-28 :  20,015

Not a bad trading day overall. I did not plan to stream the full session bu I did. Overall good trading day especially since I am on chemo treatment. There were a few times when I had a brain stall. Other than that I trade the system.

2023-03-27 : 5,138

Treatment day so really shouldn’t have traded but you know, saw the trades and took them.

2023-03-24 : 34,186

Messy trading a bit today but ultimately dialed it in for a positive PnL.

2023-03-23 : 24,675

Okay trading today. Fell into a minor bad habit but corrected quickly. No more doing that. The other thing I’ve been focusing on is getting back to scale in my trading. Because of the bad habits I’ve been working on I’ve reduced my size while trading. This has been good but also frustrating. It is needed otherwise I’ll continue to have bad days.

2023-03-22 : 25,305

FED day. I had an appointment that lasted all morning and was only able to trade in the afternoon after the FED announcement.

2023-03-20 : 7,344

Busy, will upload PnL when I have time.

2023-03-17 : 14,008

Still recovering from treatment so just light trading today. This was almost a masteclass in scalping at key areas.

2023-03-14 : $11,198

2023-03-10 : $32,434

2023-03-09 : $21,565

2023-03-08 : $45,276

2023-03-07 : -$59,113

2023-03-06 : $4,176

Not the best trading day there, especially given the breakdown of P&L history. Still doing 4-6 bad trades, a trade that I have no business doing. So that has to be corrected.

2023-03-03 : $3,262

Still getting over chemo treatments so just focusing on light trading and small position sizes. Also, still working on not being super fader man in my trades. I still fade way to much.

2023-03-02 : $7,034

Just getting off chemo treatment so light trading day. Still streamed and inched out a good profit for the day.

2023-03-01 : $26,236

2023-02-28 : $39,937

Coming back and continuing to punish the market. Got to get back on top. So this is the last day of FEB. See the stream down below.

2023-02-24 : $43,502

First day after my first big loss in over almost 3 years. I still have much to work on but felt good to be able to get refocused. Also, of note, the broker I use to stream was down until about 12:30, so I really only got to trade the afternoon.

2020-02-23 : NEGATIVE -$39,775

Today I had my first losing pnl day and over three years. so long time this is the first time in three years I was not able to trade myself out of a negative PNL.

There was an event a few months ago where I did have challenge with PNL, but that was a minor bump compared to what happened today.

So now it’s time for me to be honest with myself and assess why this happened.

I have more than a number one thing to work on in my next training session.

  • Remove all forms of unhelpful arrogance from my thinking
  • Do not fade, trade high probability trades, trade the system. Don’t fight the system or chart even for a quick scalp.
  • Decide on the mission statement for RexDog Trading and move forward

2023-02-21 : $12,638

Today was an interesting day. My nephew traded for a good part of it. We did a livestream for the full session. You can see that below:

2023-02-17 : $13,530

Interesting day to trade here. I’d say I did okay.

2023-02-14 – $10,934

2023-02-10 – $10,056

2023-02-07 : $124,009

Only got to trade the afternoon session but hit the move almost perfectly. Was an early fade then turned into a momentum trade, added, stuck with hit and traded my style. When I’m not streaming I trade my style fully. When I am not so much. Going forward with streaming I’m going to trade my style, do less teaching and interacting and no longer making my PnL the victum.

2023-02-06 : $29,104

Note: PnL covers only time I livestreamed.

Okay trading day today. I streamed and focused on just trading my style. I’m at a strange place in my streaming. I am an always in aggressive trader, I trade my system but for a new trader watching me they would be utterly confused. So I have to figure out if I continue to stream or if I figure something else out. Overall the session was okay, could have been better and fading to much as usual.

2023-02-03 : $32,895

I started the day terrible, overtrading, no confidence, lack of conviction. I was rather upset with myself. You can see this on the 1st stream. I went from 8K down to just over 1K. Trading in zones I shouldn’t have, or really just not trading my system as it was telling me. Sometimes I have a thick head.

I had an errand to run and started to stream. From there I really got into the groove although I was awfully trade shy. The 2nd stream I my PnL was around 14K I think. I kept charts up and was able to double that with one large trade.

Check out the trade log CSV and you do see the executions on the screen below:

2023-02-02: $13,076

Not bad for coming off chemo treatment yesterday. Didn’t really feel like trading but the market was providing some really good setups. I made a mistake early by fading the upward move. I wish I would have held this but when the market provides an opportunity for me to get out on a bad trade execution I take it. Then I start over. It’s just a rule I follow that keeps risk inline.

2023-02-01 : $20,583

Only traded the afternoon. Started the day with a bit of overtrading, then got into the groove. Then I had one other area of churn, until the RDTS provided us with clear indication of momentum and bias. Then I went a little heavy. From there overall trading was solid.

Session GRADE: B

1/31/2023 : $9,714

Download track log CSV file

01/29/2023 : $1,461

Streamed the Afternoon session:

Download Trade CSV file.

01/12.2023 : $38,139

Week 46 – 2022

Because of treatment and not being from a secure location I haven’t traded much. I was able to setup a secure connection where I am staying for the next 60 days or so. So I should be able to trade.

Today, I was doing good then over traded in the afternoon. Wins vs Loss trades should have been better. My super scalper habit came into play but still ended good.

11/17/2022 : $13,045

Week 24 – 2022

Light trading due to treatment and a few things going on personally.

6/17/2022 : + $11,059

6/16/2022 : + $4,660

Week 23 – 2022 :

6/8/2022 : + $25,865

No trading on the 6/7 because of medical appointments and some errands I had to run.

6/6/2022 : + $43,125

Week 22 – 2022 : $31,433

Treatment week so light positions and trading. Didn’t trade on 6/1 because I was in treatment center, don’t typically trade when I’m there.

6/2/2022 : $31,433

Started the day on 2 bad trade decisions. Refocused and took a second and read the market and traded the system right. From there ended day at noon for a good gain.

Week 20 – 2022 – $45,288

5/18/2022 : $11,175

Just getting off treatment for this week so light position sizing and trading. Only could trade up to 12:30 or so as I had treatment appointment for disconnect and a few things to do in the afternoon. Streamed this full session, so every trade in PnL can be seen live when I did, entered, took profit, etc.

5/17/2022 : $34,113

Light trading day because of still on Chemo treatment and feeling a bit physically not great, also this treatment gives me hiccups sometimes for an hour long, extremely hare to concentrate with that stuff going on.
Morning Session
Afternoon Session

5/16- Treatment Day so No Trading

I get chemo cancer treatment so due to security and the fact I’m getting treatment I don’t usually trade during those 5 hours. I do show up for Trade Room Alpha to call the market and outline trades I would take.

Week 19 – 2022

05/12/2022 : $104,679

I traded 2 different accounts so I could ARB the day here. Fades and Momentum. Here is the PnL for both those accounts. I also streamed this trading:

Momentum Acct: $61,620

Fade Acct: $43,059

5/10 : $4,618

Week 18 – 2022

Cancer treatment week so I reduce my sizing and limit my trading. Still run Trade Room Alpha.

5/6/2022 – $3,419
May 4th, 2022 – $5,975
05/03/2022 – 29,807

Trade Journal – Week in Review : $80,693

Additional PnL Results shared with DEN and Training members.