Since I started Trade Room Alpha I’ve become more comfortable sharing my PnL and results.

Note: Results not typical– who the hell knows what is typical. My results have nothing to do whether or not you will be successful with my trades system.

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I am starting to share my results in the STATUS channel of Discord.

Week 46 – 2022

Because of treatment and not being from a secure location I haven’t traded much. I was able to setup a secure connection where I am staying for the next 60 days or so. So I should be able to trade.

Today, I was doing good then over traded in the afternoon. Wins vs Loss trades should have been better. My super scalper habit came into play but still ended good.

11/17/2022 – $13,045

Week 24 – 2022

Light trading due to treatment and a few things going on personally.

6/17/2022 : + $11,059

6/16/2022 : + $4,660

Week 23 – 2022 :

6/8/2022 : + $25,865

No trading on the 6/7 because of medical appointments and some errands I had to run.

6/6/2022 : + $43,125

Week 22 – 2022 : $31,433

Treatment week so light positions and trading. Didn’t trade on 6/1 because I was in treatment center, don’t typically trade when I’m there.

6/2/2022 : $31,433

Started the day on 2 bad trade decisions. Refocused and took a second and read the market and traded the system right. From there ended day at noon for a good gain.

Week 20 – 2022 – $45,288

5/18/2022 – $11,175

Just getting off treatment for this week so light position sizing and trading. Only could trade up to 12:30 or so as I had treatment appointment for disconnect and a few things to do in the afternoon. Streamed this full session, so every trade in PnL can be seen live when I did, entered, took profit, etc.

5/17/2022 : $34,113

Light trading day because of still on Chemo treatment and feeling a bit physically not great, also this treatment gives me hiccups sometimes for an hour long, extremely hare to concentrate with that stuff going on.

Morning Session
Afternoon Session

5/16- Treatment Day so No Trading

I get chemo cancer treatment so due to security and the fact I’m getting treatment I don’t usually trade during those 5 hours. I do show up for Trade Room Alpha to call the market and outline trades I would take.

Week 19 – 2022

05/12/2022 : $104,679

I traded 2 different accounts so I could ARB the day here. Fades and Momentum. Here is the PnL for both those accounts. I also streamed this trading:

Momentum Acct: $61,620

Fade Acct: $43,059

5/10 : $4,618

Week 18 – 2022

Cancer treatment week so I reduce my sizing and limit my trading. Still run Trade Room Alpha.

5/6/2022 – $3,419
May 4th, 2022 – $5,975
05/03/2022 – 29,807

Trade Journal – Week in Review : $80,693

Additional PnL Results shared with DEN and Training members.