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Trading is a marathon and a skill you are looking to learn and use for the rest of your life.

On this page we aim to provide you with a clear path of on how to best go through the training given your skill level, goals, and preferences.

High Level of Training

We broke the training down into 3 major topic areas:

  • RexDog Trade System (RDTS) – The technical aspects, indicators, and rules for trading the RDTS and making it your own
  • Market Knowledge – How to think about the market, trading, and mindset
  • Psychology & Mindset – How to deal with the emotional and psychological aspect of trading.

Below, we will explain both these paths and provide the best order and links to all training.

2 Distinct Paths

There are 2 distinct paths you can take to go through the training:

Total Immersion

  • Brand new traders start here.

You want to start from ground zero and want to learn everything we have to teach.

You aren’t concerned with putting this knowledge into action until you feel you have squeezed every ounce of knowledge we provide about the RDTS, trading, and the market.

Bottom Line: You’re in this for the long haul and know this is a skill and knowledge you’re going to use for the rest of your life. This is the path for a complete beginner.

System First

You have a basic or even advanced knowledge of how trading works. You know how to read charts, use indicators, trading platforms, and you’ve probably traded a bit.

You’ve also most likely have watched many of our free videos, live trading streams, and have a feel for the style and method of trading the RDTS provides.

Bottom Line: You have enough experience and knowledge to learn the system and execute in the quickest way possible.

Total Immersion

This is next because the person who wants to do the immersion will see this section and get a full overview.

Now just continue below…

Trading Futures?

Are you new to trading futures? We suggest you take time and learn about the market. The CME has a really great training that covers everything you need to know about the futures market: contracts, trading codes, settlement, ticks, price, values, margin, and roles of speculators and hedgers.

Click here to visit the CME Introduction to Futures Training

System First

In the system first path

Advanced Training Modules

If after going through the above training, if you’re having challenges trading with the RDTS we suggest you then dive deeper into the other training modules.

Psychology & Mindset

Explanation of section.

The Den

  • Pattern Library – Library of trading patterns with rules, examples, videos and much more.
  • Barks – Barks is when someone asks a trade question and we create a video or content answer that question, often we do this when we feel the Q&A will help other traders.