On this page are all the initial mindset sessions with NephewElite. We started with mindset because I wanted to ensure we captured the most important concepts we are going to revisit throughout this training.

Introduction – Teaching Nephew Elite to Trade

In this video is an intro to the Nephew Elite – Teaching my Nephew to Trade. IN this video I share with him my PnL from today. Then we move on with a little bit on how this series is going to go. What things I will cover in the series and how it’s going to work.

The Awe of the Chart

This video is about how a single chart contains all the data and information you need to trade. How all indicators. WE believe this chart contains all the information we need to trade. Every indicator we use is based on data contained in this chart.

Laws of the RDTS

Here I lay down the law. 😉 well as much as I can about the RDTS. These are the general laws we follow in the RDTS. I know this sounds like I’m just speaking to him without getting any feedback.