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In this video you will learn the only 3 questions that exist in trading. The 3 questions should be basis for your trade system you create. The 3 questions:

  • Where is price coming from?
  • Where is it going?
  • How does it want to get there?

Also, these questions are questions you should be asking every time you look at a chart or even change a timeframe on a chart. It’s that simple. I also expand a bit on these questions and provide examples from the RexDog Trading System.

Simple? But Are You Doing This…

When I share these simple questions with a new trader they usually respond that… that’s pretty simple.

Yes, it’s simple but here’s what most are missing.

Each one of those questions should have a process you follow. The process you follow should provide you with trading edge.

In the RexDog Trade System these three questions provide us with not only the story of the chart but the highest probable reaction areas.

You Are Predicting

I don’t care what you’ve heard, you can and should try to predict the market. Of course you aren’t always going to be right but if you get good at it you’ll be right more times than your wrong.

Each one of the 3 questions above focuses your TA on a system or process to find highly probable reaction areas. For instance, knowing that price is coming from a failure STRONG level provides you with quite a bit of information, the most important is it is highly likely price is going to the next STRONG level.

Secrets to Answering – “Where Price Coming From?”

CL – 60m – Follow the Rules of the RDTS and predict with the 3Qs

So let’s cover how you do that with the RD Trade System.

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