I did a bit of introspection the other day. I asked myself why I bothered sharing tips, advice, or technical analysis outside of my membership group?

To what end? Few people outside of bots within my limited reach will even consume the content. Even if they do, they may lack context for what I’m sharing.

Most people are lazy. Heck, lazy gets a bad rap. I used to resonate with Gary Vee a bit but ultimately, his form of motivational words I didn’t need in my life.

I’ve always been able to motivate myself and always have to be exercising what I’ve realized is a creative, never resting mind.

Back to Mr. Vee, his work harder, not the smarter brand (yes, I know he isn’t one note), but I think I remember seeing him say something like:

Put me in any room, I’ll outwork anyone who dares enter.

This is an excellent way to think to a point. But isn’t it better if he said…

I’ll work smarter than anyone who dares enter.

My Version of Working Smarter

My sharing is a form of my journal and personal feedback loop.

My skills grow exponentially when I share thoughts, TA, ideas, videos, or even my training.

Yes, the reason I have a YouTube channel, Discord group, and training is, first and foremost, selfish.

Since day one, I’ve been open about this. If you are part of my Discord group, I generally keep it all about trading. But I’ve reminded those who follow me that I’m just like everyone on this planet… this universal truth.

What Matters

For those that know, I’m still dealing with terminal cancer.

I’m doing okay.

One thing that sucks about any disease where you stick around for a while is it can become all-consuming in your life and your family.

I’ve strived not to make this the case. I made drastic changes. Family first. Next, my passions and exercising my creative mind.

Trading is still part of me, but I’ve had to adjust my life and focus. I’ve not been home in over six months.

Say what you will about what I’m about to share, but I was recently overlooking one of the most amazing views I’ve seen in my life…

It was my reflection in a mirror… 😉 hah, I couldn’t resist.

No, before me was a completely unreal picturesque landscape.

I appreciated every moment there with my family. But as the hours ticked away and we individually retreated into our thoughts, I had breakthroughs in my passions.

Trading, writing, storytelling, and more.

In Trading Here’s My Truth

I can trade. I don’t need validation other than PnL.

Just as if you choose to be out on the internet, you must learn to ignore how most treat you and what most say about you.

Don’t believe me about trading? I don’t care. I’m not asking you to. I’ve put enough out there for you to evaluate it yourself.

I care about the success of those in my membership and training.

To be upfront, my training and group are often a distraction.

I’ve always had an unspoken and unwritten covenant with those who have entered my training. I’m there for you as much as you show up. If you don’t show up, it’s not my fault, you show up even in my DMs, and I’m there.

My Biggest PnL Hits

I’ve said this many times, the biggest hit to my PnL is my creation of training.

The 0.07 Bitcoin I charged before I went to a fixed $997.00 for lifetime access to my training, indicators, and anything I create in trading is objectively poor opportunity cost and misallocation of time.

I’ll go one step further. I’ve created indicators I don’t need to support those who have adopted my trading system.

This isn’t a complaint. I’ve done this willingly. It’s the responsibility I agreed to when I decided to accept any form of payment for anything I created in trading.

I charge for one reason– I want people who cross that line to feel a commitment. Just as you read in the Bible how God demanded his followers to adhere to his sacrifices and laws– I demand a commitment from those who desire to become a disciple and learn my edge.

Yes, Vanity is humankind’s greatest sin.

The best form of commitment from those who don’t know each other is monetary.

I’ve entertained making everything FREE.

I refuse because of one lesson I learned. I once had a product I created and tested as freemium. This is where you offer a version of your product for free or even provide a free trial.

The free users degraded my hope for humanity, and I’d often fantasize about becoming a top shareholder at SpaceX. I’d find a way to convince Elon to create plan B. We give up on Mars and devise a way to redirect a comet toward Earth.

I could go on with the various iterations and lessons I learned. Here’s the #1 takeaway:

The product I created worked for those who took the time to use it. It filled a space where things couldn’t be automated– that’s what most wanted; as I said above, most are lazy. The challenge back then was if anything was automated, it often became less effective rather quickly. Or the 3rd party platforms like social media often dinged automated tools.

I’m getting into the weeds. If I could have released the holy grail for the market, I would have… there is so much I want to say here, but it’s just not relevant to what is most important to this post. Here’s the bottom line on the lesson:

Free users or learners do not appreciate the effort or knowledge. Free learners detract from those who make even a small sacrifice. Most important, FREE users do not have an internal commitment to that which they consume.

What I’ve Been Working On

I should not add any more training, books, indicators or to what I’ve already built and shared with the trading industry.

While expansive and complete as with most things in life can be improved. Especially in brevity and clarity.

But I am. Why? First, because of the thoughts, I’ve shared above. For as long as I can, I will trade. Maybe 10 minutes a day, but there will be a position, I am an always in trader.

Because of that, I’m always a teacher.

So here’s what I’ve outlined as goals and the next phase of what you’ll see.

Elite Trading Zone

I am creating a new section of the training called Elite Trading Zone. Here are the first training modules:

  • So You Want to Be a Trader—Here’s What That Means
  • There Are Only 4 Trade Setups
  • RexDog Trade Grade
  • The #1 Process for Creating Edge
  • How to Make Stop Losses Your Bitch
  • These Are the Only Strategies to Stop Overtrading
  • Make Fear Your Trading Superpower

All to the point, concise, and what I consider needed readjustments or reminders.


The Mindset and Psychology book was sent off to the editor this week.

This book is only for members. Maybe I’ll self-publish it, but initially, only members get it.

I say the book is 70% complete; if you’ve never seriously written anything, realize writing is… first draft, edit, 2nd draft, edit, next draft… then to editor. Then the editor makes you feel like you have no idea how to write, talk, spell, or even create a coherent thought.

Once you get over the shot to your ego, you re-arrange, add a few things, and then go through 1 or 2 more rounds of editing.

Once that is complete, I’ll release it to members, and a training section will be created. I might at that time record an audiobook version instead of videos. Maybe short 2-3 minute videos if diagrams don’t fully provide the required visual learning.
3 Indicators

My overall all trading book is being worked on daily.

I haven’t set a completion date for it yet, so it’s still a dream. A goal without a deadline is a dream or wish. I’m close to creating a deadline.

New Indicators

Here’s the thing with indicators for those who don’t create them.

You have this idea for what might be something that would be cool or helpful. You first plot and draw how this might look. What are you trying to get that other indicators don’t provide? What does this indicator reveal that can’t be reasoned through process or chart? Does this indicator have enough value to be considered in the trade system?

Even if you answer all those, sometimes you never really know how the indicator will paint or reveal without creating it. Sometimes you learn something when creating an indicator and that lesson alone was the edge you were looking for. Sometimes creating an indicator is fun-often a good one is frustrating.

The 3 I’ve identified are in that phase where they could be something special but I’m not sure until it’s built. I have the blueprint. Next, I’m going to go into one of those fancy 3D apps to create it and get a feel for how it might look, etc.

What usually happens is I get far enough with my coding skills where I hit a coding challenge that, while I could figure it out, it’s just not worth my time, plus smarter peeps are there to do it. But if I can’t describe it to them, I’m not helping. When working with developers understanding if they are bullshitting you or creating some half-assed solution is key.

RexDog Version 2

I’ve had two family members who want to learn the system and undergo my training. I’ve asked them to provide me with their notes as they have.

What was apparent is that I could create a 10-part series of training that outlines the philosophy, rules, and edge of the RexDog Trade System.

I’ve bullet-pointed those as getting the series to be impactful and reductionist as possible.

That’s it. I’ve shared my why and what the future holds. If interested, join my membership. Visit the homepage for a complete rundown…