I developed a process to imagine the larger picture, think more strategic, learn from the lessons and mistakes of others or more important not repeat mistakes I’ve made.

Whenever I’m faced with an idea, a situation, or scenario or opportunity I typically want to find if or how I can capitalize or keep tabs for what needs to happen to start paying attention.

I go through a perspective exercise.

This exercise works for anything you want to develop a deep understanding about.

First 3 Questions to Answer

I’ll use Bitcoin as an example. Here are the first 3 questions to answer:

  • What is the thinking, emotions, and perspective of someone for Bitcoin?
  • What is the thinking, emotions, and perspective of someone against Bitcoin?
  • What is the thinking, emotions, and perspective of someone on the outside watching both of these sides?

Going through this exercise you’ll find maybe you have no clue. So you’ll have to do research. I’ve found this works for any issue or situation both personal and professional.

Become a Google God

Maybe if people in my Discord group as for it I’ll do a post on how you actually do this. I’ll share this general advice. Use Google, duh. But if you don’t know learn how to use search operators and advanced search options.

First up, screw Thor, sure he has a nice body and hair but he’s kind of clueless at times. Being an expert at using Google can be one of your superpowers and as time continues you will grow more powerful.

I have been using Google since day one and I can say beyond any doubt the quality of Google search is declining weekly. I believe it’s intentional but that’s a topic for another article.

You can still use Google to find just about anything but you got to know how to torture it like a rogue CIA integrator whose really good at waterboarding.

Mine the Sewers of Social Media

Next tip. Mine the hell out of the raw passion of social media. Read the conversations, find the thought leaders, and what you are really trying to get at is the most common tropes all 3 sides have or share.

Here’s where you become like Superman– or have we officially named that dude Superhuman or maybe it skipped the whole human level and it’s “SuperEntity”.

That caped dude with the S on they chest who used to be for the American way has multiple superpowers: super strength, can fly, x-ray vision, and laser eyes.

Damn, this guy was for Stonks and Crypto before even Jason Borne.

Here’s the point when mining social media look for emotions and subtext. It’s not always what they are saying it’s why.

For example, let’s say you want a pony.

I won’t question why some probably middle age guy wants a pony but let’s just go with it. Wanting a pony is your desire and it’s what you want it more than anything else.

But why do you want a pony? Most likely it’s because you think having a pony will make you look cool. Or you imagine how awesome it would be to bring the pony and use it as your caddy for golf foursome. Beyond that honestly man, I really don’t want to know.

My point is on social media bots are saying things. Yes capture those things, put them in your subconscious so when the AI does take over you can become sentient. Also, mine for clues to the feelings, emotions, and desires to what those conversations are about.

I’ll close the loop on mechanics of the “Opportunity Exercise” later in this article. Next up I find it helpful to do a stream of consciousness or ideas exercise.

Stream Ideas Questions & Exercise

Once you’ve done research I recommend a stream of consciousness exercise where you just write from all 3 of those perspectives. This writing exercise is where you employ bot your conscious mind and subconscious. Just like all those infomercials I can guarantee something… I mean I’ll shit in a box and call it guarantee if it helps but for all you know is…

Here’s what will happen you’ll start to come up with ideas, solutions, connections and more questions.

The type of questions I ask for this exercise are:

  • What is the #1 desire of each actors? I don’t stop there I continue to ask “but why do they…?”
  • What if they are right?
  • What if they are wrong?
  • How in the most objective way do I prove any of this?

If you answer all these questions (often this is something ongoing) you’ll have a good grasp of the problem or potential opportunity for whatever you’re looking at.

Helpful Human Concepts to Understand

Next up you need to understand a few concepts.

  • Network Effect – The current state of media and the world is setup where the network effect will play a role in any new technology or new way of doing things. The world is more connected than it ever has been.
  • Why Things Stick – At the end of this article I recommend books that will help you understand why certain things take a hold as a product or in society. Understanding the psychology and the mechanics of how this works will enable you to evaluate any new opportunities.
  • How to Get People to Part with Their Money – Understanding good advertising, marketing, and sales is key to evaluating whether or not a new product, idea, or technology has a chance. I’d suggest that have a base knowledge in direct marketing and sales be a skill you can use throughout your life no matter what you do.

Advancing Your Thoughts & History

I’ll add an advance strategy that relates directly to what we cover in this article. One thing I didn’t share above is throughout my life since 3rd grade I’ve loved studying history.

The advanced questions:

  • What lessons from history can I apply to this challenge?
  • History rhymes it does not repeat.
  • Understanding just about all things involve humans and we are emotional beings and infallible. Understanding crowds, psychology, and the foundations of advertising and ideas will help you with context and with the big and small picture.

I share this because if it’s not something you do adopting this method could have tremendous benefit. I’ve done this and consistently do this with Bitcoin and crypto.