I’m doing livestreams now. Let me rant and speak to the people who only want to tear me down and expect I let them have access to my full financial life.

What more can I provide that I trade my system and have positive PnL?

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I say this all the time, everything thing I do here, videos, training, uploading PnL, articles, etc. is the biggest hit to my PnL.

More importantly, the time and extra effort I spend even uploading this is not worth it. This is proof. But even with this proof, ask yourself are you the type of person who still is going to leave a comment like…

“well you can trade but I won’t believe you until I see proof of withdrawal from a broker account to your bank account. Anybody can have a series of profitable days and behind the scenes even though I watch you do these trades and you’re show your PnL you’re trading 2 accounts, you only show us the one that wins.”

First you’re last point, how the heck would I do that on a livestream?

I go overboard as I mentioned above. A comment like this brings up…

The Elephant in the Room

Second, please indulge me here. Someone told me something that hit me in the heart. He said (I think exact but might be paraphrased):

“What I figured about you and what you are doing here is you literally have nothing to lose.”

The man who said this to has been following me for 3 months or so.

That hit me because it rings true. It’s also has a element of irony. A perfect logline for what I do here.

What is a Logline?

You read that and it’s beautiful because it’s ironic. One thing you don’t know about me is my other passion is storytelling. I’m finishing novels, screenplays, I doing my first short film. When you come up with a story idea you create what is called a logline. This is a short 1-2 synopsis of the story and a powerful logline creates a powerful story. The best loglines also contain truth and some form of irony.

For those that want to go deeper here are 101 Famous Loglines and here is a good example of crafting a logline.

That Hits the Heart

That one phrase sums up my “why”.

Sums up why when you see my stuff or the energy I put into it things don’t quite connect.

For those that want to know more about me and my why, I did a 4 hour overnight trading session. It’s a mix of trading, trading tips, and sharing my background and thinking a bit: