• Grade: B
  • #1 – falling back into a old habit I thought I broke where fade instead of trade with momentum. Still catch the momentum trades but over trade by fading when really focus should be on momentum. So next session it’s critical to only execute good fades and trade momentum instead of timing fades.
  • Momentum long day
  • 4 momentum long trades
  • 1 fade momentum short trade
  • momentum short 14:00 hour
  • 60m and overnight held momentum indicators
  • on the open 60m PAC held up and really set the tone for the day, more continuation from the previous trading day with a short term bottom in and buy the dip crowd out in full force

Best trade was pullback to OR and RDA, really a textbook trade.

Overtraded today in the chop and had a few times where stops were just to close. Also was fading too much instead of just trading with momentum. I was looking for the sell off that did hit at 14:00 and did catch the tail end of that trade. I timed the long trade on that fakeout move back to the OR high and the RDA. Ended trading at 14:40 and missed the next leg up. Should have maybe kept some in with a trailing stop.

BigTech was clear trading 1 deviation above vwap. Also above all 10 day rolling vwaps.